The Best Laptop Bags and Backpack Review 2016

A laptop bag is a bag which we used to carry our laptop, notebook, laptop/notebook power supplier and other tools and accessories like mobile phone, headphone, Phone, iPad etc. People use a laptop bag to keep secure their laptop and notebook as well as they can carry their laptop from one place to another place easily and safely.

Different types Laptop Bag

There are different type laptop bag available in the market and different people love to use the different type’s laptop bag. Backpack style laptop bag, messenger laptop bag, briefcase style laptop bags are available in the market, but among all backpack style and messenger laptop bags are more popular in most of the country.

Backpack Style Laptop Bags

This is one of the popular and stylish laptop bags which are popular, especially with students, travelers and technology professionals. These types laptop bags are designed to carry back easily which helps to reduce strain on the back and neck. There are different type backpack style laptop bag you find in the market, some are small to medium in size and some are big.

Different backpack gives you different facilities such as some backpack gives you flexibility and comfort ability. These types laptop bags are designed to carry minimum one laptop or notebook with charger, headphone, mobile phone and other essential documents. You can buy a backpack style laptop bag if you are a college or school going boy/girl or if you like to travel ever and anon.

Laptop Messenger Bags

Laptop Messenger Bags are very popular with professionals and also with travelers because you can carry a laptop messenger bag both in hand and back. This is one of the popular type laptop bags today. Generally, this type bags have one long strip which gives you the facility to wear this bag either on the shoulder (Like carrying a shoulder holster) or across the body. You can carry one laptop/notebook with this bag and your essential tools and documents.

Briefcase Style Laptop Bag

The Briefcase style laptop bag is popular with mainly business man and some professionals. A laptop briefcase is an ideal laptop bag for professionals because it helps you in presenting you as like a professional. You can carry your laptop, power cable, mobile, headphone and other official documents with this laptop bag.

Leather Laptop Bag

Leather laptop bags are very popular with professionals. Any type’s laptop bag which raw material is leather is called leather laptop bag. These types’ laptop bags are popular because they look attractive and gorgeous.

There are many more types laptop bags are available in the market which you can buy at a cheap price. The Laptop case is also popular to carry a laptop safely and easily. Laptop case gives you the facility to carry your laptop and you can buy laptop case with various designs and colors. Each laptop case designed for specific laptop size.

Designer Laptop Bags

Now-a-days, laptop bags are not only carrier to carry a laptop or notebook and your documents; it also refers your personality, style and fashion. So designer laptop bags become popular day by day, especially women are like to use a designer laptop bag to carry their laptop.

Different type designer laptop bags, including laptop sleeves, tote, handbags, backpacks are available in the market and you can choose your favorite one. Some designer bags are made by using different color fabrics, cloths, leather or other raw materials.

Best Laptop Bag and Backpack Comparison Table

Bag/BackpackImagePerfectly FitsRatingBuying Links
Bag/BackpackImagePerfectly FitsRatingBuying Links
AmazonBasics Laptop and Tablet BagAmazonBasics Laptop and Tablet Bag11.6 to 17.3" Laptop4.7
Case Logic DLC-115 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Briefcasecase-logic-laptop-tablet-briefcaseUp to 15.6" Laptop4.3
Everki Advance Laptop BagEverki Advance Laptop Bag11.6 to 18.4" Laptop4.7
Timbuk2 Commute TSA-Friendly Messenger BagTimbuk2 Commute TSA-Friendly Messenger Bag15.6 to 17.3" Laptop4.6
Samsonite Classic Two Gusset 17" Toploadersamsotine-classis-laptop-bagUp to 17" Laptop4.5
SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900 - Best Travel Laptop BackpackUp to 17" Laptop4.6
Targus Drifter II BackpackTargus Drifter II Backpack for 17-Inch Laptop16 to 17" Laptop4.2
Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop/Tablet BackpackOgio Renegade RSS Laptop BackpackUp to 15" Laptop4.6
ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad BackpackASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad BackpackUp to 17" Laptop4.6
Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Laptop BackpackEverki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack13 to 17.3" Laptop4.6

Top 5 Laptop Bag and Backpack Review 2015

  1. AmazonBasics Laptop and Tablet Bag

The AmazonBasics Laptop and Tablet Bag is one of the top rated and best-selling laptop bag on Amazon in Tablet Bags category. This is a slim and lightweight laptop bag for professionals to carry their laptop or notebook, tablet, files and some other tools and accessories. There are 4 different sizes available of this laptop bag, so you can easily get the perfect size according to your laptop screen size.

The bag designed to protect your laptop and other electronic gadgets. The dedicated and padded laptop compartment help to protect your laptop from any kind physical, drop or hit damage. Your tablet also remains safe in the front zippered compartment with the help of a separate tablet sleeve and padded front part. There are several accessory sleeves also available in the front compartment to carry cell-phone, mouse, charger, USB cable and business essentials.

Notable Features

  • Slim, lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap for easy lifting
  • Front zippered pocket for tools and accessories
  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • Media player pocket in the front compartment

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  1. Case Logic DLC-115 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Briefcase

The Case Logic DLC-115 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Briefcase is another best-selling briefcase style laptop bag on Amazon. This is an ideal laptop bag for women and professionals who want to carry their laptop, tablet, files and business essentials through a laptop bag. This bag made by 100% quality raw material so that this is durable enough and you feel flexible when you carry this bag.

There are two separate compartments in this bag where you can keep your laptop bag and your tablet easily and safely. The padded and dedicated laptop compartment fits up to a 15.6 inch laptop or notebook perfectly. The padded and adjustable shoulder strap provides maximum comfort to carry the laptop bag.

Notable Features

  • Extra compartment for up to 10.1” sized tablet
  • Zipper pocket for smart phone or mobile phone
  • Neoprene-padded carry handles and a removable no-slip shoulder strap provide comfortable carrying options
  • Made of polyester material
  • Separate inside pocket for mobile phone, headphone and others tools
  • Warranty: 25 Years

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  1. Everki Advance Laptop Bag

The Everki Advance Laptop Bag is a premium quality laptop bag comes from the one of the most popular and well-known laptop bags and backpack manufacture ‘Everki’. This also a top-rated laptop bag on Amazon, which is designed for professionals to carry their laptop and essential contents. This laptop bag available in 4 different sizes to carry a different size laptop or notebook.

The laptop compartment comes with foam protection and padded features to keep your laptop safe and secure. There is a separate and lined sleeve available in the front compartment to carry your tablet, iPad or kindle. The zippered front compartment also comes with a business workstation to carry business essentials.

Notable Features

  • 4 different sizes for 11.6 inch to 18.4 inch laptop or notebook
  • Padded, non-slip and adjustable shoulder strap
  • High quality zipper
  • Trolley handle pass for easy lifting
  • Zippered front compartment for tools and accessories

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  1. SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

The SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900 is a perfect laptop backpack for business travelers and mobile professionals to carry their laptop and contents. When you compare SwissGear 1900 with some other SwissGear Backpack like SwissGear SA1753, SA1537 or SA1923, you will find this one more comfortable, durable and lightweight.

The main compartment comes with the large packing capacity to carry a traveler clothing, laptop, documents and other travel essentials. The padded laptop compartment fits up to 17inch laptop perfectly and keep your laptop safe from any kind hit or drop damage. The SwissGear 1900 also comes with a most attractive feature for travelers and that is checkpoint friendly feature. The laptop compartment designed according to TSA Guidelines to pass the airport security area easily and quickly.

Notable Features

  • Extra roomy compartment to carry your essential travel gears
  • Perfect laptop backpack for college students because of large packing capacity
  • Floating and padded pocket for Tablet, Kindle or iPad
  • Top zippered pocket with quick access features for small gadgets, mobile or sun-glasses
  • Padded shoulder strap and back panel for comfort to carry
  • Laptop compartment comes with side entry and easy to access feature

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  1. Targus Drifter II Backpack

The Targus Drifter II Backpack Designed for 16 inch and 17-Inch Laptop which is also a top-selling laptop backpack on Amazon. The Targus Drifter ii specially designed for college going students and professionals to carry their laptop, books, files and documents. The dedicated and padded laptop compartment perfectly fits up to 17 inch laptop or notebook and keep it safe from any kind hit or drop damage.

There are separate compartments in this bag for laptop and tablet. Extra pocket gives you facility to carry your documents, mobile phone, headphone, charger etc. When you carry this backpack you feel flexible because it’s soft enough.

Notable Features

  • Water resistant laptop backpack
  • Available in two different sizes and 4 different colors
  • Multiple zippered compartments for clothing, books, files, binders and documents
  • Several accessory pockets
  • Two side zippered pockets and mesh pockets for water bottles and accessories
  • Durable and molded top handle for easy lifting
  • Padded back panel and shoulder strap

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5 Easy Steps to Choose a Perfect Laptop Bag through Online

Step 1: At first you need to choose what type bag you want, is it a formal laptop bag or Backpack or Messenger type bag or a designer laptop bag? This is one of the important facts you need to consider before buying a laptop bag because the different type’s bag fit for different type people.

For example, if you are a service holder then you may choose a formal laptop bag or messenger style laptop bag. On the other hand, if you need to travel randomly for business or professional purpose, then you can choose a medium to large size laptop bag or backpack.

Step 2: In this stage, you need to choose a perfect size bag to carry your laptop and others essential documents. You must choose the size according to your laptop or notebook size so that you can easily carry it. If you choose a wrong size bag which is bigger than your laptop size, then you will feel discomfort when you carry this. On the other hand, if your selected size is smaller than your laptop size, then you will never carry your laptop through the bag.

Step 3: You must consider price before buying a laptop bag. You will find a lot of laptop bags, backpacks, messenger bag in local and online store with a variety of prices. You need to choose the perfect one within your budget and you must confirm that your bag has all facilities that you want. (See all of our Recommended Laptop Bags, Backpacks, Messenger Bags and Much More.)

Step 4: At this stage, you must consider the bag comfort ability and accessibility. When you buy a backpack to carry your laptop with a lot of documents and need to travel randomly, then you must ensure flexibility and comfort ability of your backpack. You must check bags or backpack shoulder strap, its flexibility, durability and lasting.

You should also check the accessibility of backpack or bag before buying it. When you carry your backpack in the shoulder, then you must ensure its easy accessibility. Because you may need to access your backpack side pocket, and others pocket at travel time.

Step 5: Carrying capacity and protective outer layer is also important for a laptop bag or backpack. When you want a backpack to carry a lot of documents then you must buy a large size backpack with multiple compartment and pockets.

Of course you’ll want to protect your laptop and other goods from any kind damage. You must buy a bag or backpack with padded laptop compartment which keeps secure your laptop from physical damage. You backpack must be waterproof or water repellent if you love or need to travel randomly.

It’s Your Turn

So like my recommended laptop bags? If you like then buy now or find more Laptop Bags on Amazon and get one which you like most. You can also check my laptop bag buying guide here before buy a laptop bag.

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