The Best Travel Laptop Backpack Review | Ultimate Guide to Buy

Choosing the right travel laptop backpack is one of the most important facts for the people and mobile professionals who need to travel regularly. A travel backpack is important element of your personal or business trip to make it comfortable and joyful. I have traveled so many times with different travel backpacks over the year for my personal and business tasks. So, I think it’s important for anyone to choose a best travel laptop backpack to carry their laptop and essential contents safely. A heavy, durable and perfect travel backpack will help to save your shoulder and back from heavy load. Some people also like to use a rolling laptop backpack with wheels and handle system to carry huge weight. And, now-a-days, people also search for a checkpoint friendly laptop backpack to pass the airport security area easily and quickly without removing their laptop from the backpack.

However, here I’m going to share some top and best travel laptop backpack with detail review. I’ll also try my best to provide detailed guidelines on how to choose a best travel laptop backpack to make your trip effective and comfortable. So let’s check the list and find your favorite travel laptop backpack now.

Travel Laptop Backpack Comparison Table


Note: Price $$= Less than $99 and $$$= More than $100

5 Best Travel Laptop Backpack

  1. SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

The SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900 is one of the most popular and best-selling laptopSwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900 - Best Travel Laptop Backpack backpack, which comes with several features for travelers. The large size backpack comes with huge packing capacity and multiple compartments to carry everything you need during travel time. The dedicated and padded laptop compartment fits up to 17 inch laptop and protect from any kind drop or physical damage. This is also a TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack, which helps to pass the airport security area without taking off your laptop from the backpack.

Notable Features

  • Perfect backpack for travelers with checkpoint friendly feature
  • Durable and lightweight backpack
  • Top zippered pocket with easy to access feature
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Front zippered pocket for tools and accessories
  • Two side pockets for water bottle
  • Media player pocket with headphone outlet
  • Color: Black, Red, Black/Blue and Black/Grey
  1. Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop/Tablet Backpack

The Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop/Tablet Backpack is a stylish and fashionable travel laptop backpack that isOgio Renegade RSS Laptop/Tablet Backpack perfect for both men and women. This is an ideal backpack for those who want to ensure maximum protection of their laptop during travel time. The padded and armor protected top loading 15 inch laptop compartment provides maximum protection to your laptop. And you can easily remove your laptop from the backpack without taking off the backpack from back. The well-organized and spacious main compartment also perfect to carry huge contents.

Notable Features

  • Separate padded sleeve for Tablet PC or iPad
  • Crush proof laptop and tablet sleeve
  • Padded and hybrid back panel ensures maximum comfort
  • Extra internal pockets for mouse, camera, tools and accessories
  • Top and front zippered pocket
  • Two zippered side pockets
  • Color: Black Pindot and Black
  1. Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack

The Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack is a popular and best-selling Timbuk2 laptop backpack on Amazon. This is another best travel laptop backpack for its waterproof feature. You can carry your expensive contents through the backpack in any environment. The slim and sleek design with more than 11 colors also makes this backpack popular. The large size main compartment comes with huge packing capacity.Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack

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Notable Features

  • Padded laptop compartment fits up to 15.6 inch laptop perfectly
  • Exterior zippered pocket for phone, charger, key and other tools
  • Made of high quality polyvinyl materials
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Dedicated and foam padded back panel
  1. Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

The Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack is one of my favorite laptop backpack which is used in everyday life as well as during my personal trip. The backpack comes with several features for travelers to make a comfortable and joyful journey. The large size main compartment is organized enough to carry huge contents, clothing, files and documents.Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

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Notable Features

  • Dedicated and padded large laptop compartment fit up to 18.4 inch laptop
  • Perfect backpack for Asus G73/G74/G75/G750 Series, Dell Alienware, MSI and many other large notebooks
  • Water resistant weather cover
  • Separated padded sleeve for Kindle, Tablet or iPad
  • Zippered media player pocket with headphone outlet
  • Checkpoint friendly travel backpack
  • 5 points and padded shoulder strap
  1. Victoriatourist V6002 Laptop Backpack

The Victoriatourist V6002 Laptop Backpack is another ideal backpack for travelers and comes with variousVictoriatourist V6002 Laptop Backpack - Travel Laptop Backpack features. The checkpoint friendly laptop compartment fits up to 16 inch laptop. The zippered main compartment comes with well-organized feature and large packing capacity. The padded shoulder strap and back panel of the backpack help to carry it with huge weight for a long time.

Notable Features

  • Multi-panel airflow back panel for maximum comfort
  • Luggage strap
  • Durable and heavy travel backpack
  • Made of high quality 1680D ballistic nylon materials
  • Internal pockets for tools and accessories
  • Two zippered side pockets
  • Color: Black

How to Choose a Best Travel Laptop Backpack?

There are several things you should consider before buying a travel laptop backpack. You should choose the best one according to your choice, need and budget. As you will find various travel laptop backpack in the local or online store with various features and price. So let’s consider these following things before picking your travel laptop backpack.

Size and Capacity

Size is one of the most important facts that you should consider before pick the best laptop backpack for travel. There are various backpacks available in the marketing with various sizes and internal capacity. So, if you need to carry clothing, files, documents along with your laptop, then you must go for a medium to large size travel backpack.

And also, choose the right size according to your height. You can’t pick a backpack that’s taller than you, that means, when you take the backpack on your back, it should not look taller than you. You may know that, you can easily find a backpack with a huge internal capacity, but the backpack looks like small. So choose the right one with care.

Type of the Backpack

There are different type backpacks available in the market for personal and business traveler. You can also find various backpacks with different functionality such as some travel backpack for carry huge luggage’s, some for only files and documents, some for only laptop, tablet and gadgets etc. So find the perfect one according to your need.


At past, people only use a backpack to carry their essential contents because they need it. But, now-a-days, most of the people consider style and fashion before buying any travel backpack. From hundreds of manufactures, you will find various backpacks with various designs and color. So get better one which you liked most.


The best backpack for travelers always made of high quality materials. These backpacks are made of high quality Ballistic Nylon, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Polyester and other materials. These will help to utilize the backpack for a long time and make them heavy & durable.

Laptop Protection is Important for You

As you are looking for the best travel laptop backpack, so you must consider the laptop protection before picking up your new backpack. Generally, regular travel backpacks aren’t comes with a separate laptop sleeve and laptop protection. A travel laptop backpack specially comes with a dedicated and padded laptop compartment. This will help to protect your laptop from any kind hit, drop or physical damage. Some laptop backpack also comes with a corner guard protection system to provide extra protection to your laptop. Some backpack also comes with an advance securing system with an adjustable, extra strap to attach your laptop to the backpack. So, you should consider these facts before pick a laptop travel backpack.

Well-Organized or Not

Well-organized laptop backpack comes with quick access features and you can also pack & unpack easily and quickly. A well-organized backpack also perfects to carry huge contents even the backpack small or medium in size. It will help to keep your contents organized in the backpack. So, you should also consider this point.


Comfort is the most important and critical point for a travel backpack that you should consider. The backpack, which ensue maximum comfort during carry the backpack with huge weight is perfect for a traveler. A backpack with padded shoulder strap, padded back panel and well shape can help to carry it for a long time and provide maximum comfort.


Straps are another important part of the backpack for travel, which you should also consider. A backpack that comes with a padded and dedicated hip strap will help to carry huge weight for a long time. And a backpack comes with a padded, adjustable and balance system shoulder strap is the most important element for a travel backpack.

Water Resistance or Waterproof

A travel backpack should come with water resistant or waterproof feature to keep your contents safe from rain, snow, dust or bad environment. A traveler may need to travel a snow or bad environment, so he/she must go with a water resistance or a waterproof travel laptop backpack.

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The last things you can consider before picking your new travel backpack. There are thousands of travel backpack available in the market with various price ranges. If you need a backpack with various functions, attractive design & color, high quality materials and maximum laptop protection, then you may need to spend a little bit more penny to buy a backpack.

Over To You

Hope this post will help you to choose a best travel laptop backpack for your or your buddy one. And also, I tried my best to share some best backpack with the review, hope you can easily pick the best one from this list.


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