Timbuk2 D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bag Review

The Timbuk2 D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bag is an advance laptop messenger comes with more features to carry and keep safe your laptop. This is one of the top rated and best selling Timbuk2 laptop messenger bag that is perfect for everyday use. The messenger bag comes with multiple functionality and features for corporate person and professionals. The laptop compartment of this messenger bag comes with superior foam protection to keep your content safe from any kind heart. The laptop compartment has also a breezy air circulation system to keep your laptop cool. There is also a main zippered compartment for files or documents in this bag. There is an extra zippered pocket in this messenger bag to keep your iPad or Tablet.

Benefits of Timbuk2 D-Lux


  • Made of durable nylon materials
  • 3 different size available- small, medium and large
  • Messenger bag dimension: 9.1 x 22.4 x 11.8 inches
  • Lightweight laptop messenger bag
  • Color: Black/Gunmetal and Night Blue/Pacific


  • Perfect laptop messenger bag for biker and bicycle riderTimbuk2 D-Lux
  • Classic messenger bag with stylish design and trendy color
  • Waterproof TPU liner in front flap
  • TSA-Friendly laptop access
  • Vista loop for attaching Blinky bike lights
  • Laptop compartment with foam protection and twice the ventilation features
  • Padded shoulder strap and cross straps


The Timbuk2 D-Lux is a small to medium size laptop messenger bag. This is an ideal messenger bag to carry a laptop/notebook, iPad/Table and some small gadgets or accessories. You can also carry a little amount of official files or documents. If you need a large size messenger bag with huge space, then you can choose a different bag from here. The laptop compartment may be more spacious and padded.

Questions & Answers

Q: Is my MacBook Air 13 inch fit perfectly in laptop compartment?

A: Yes, 3 different sizes available and you can choose the medium size for your MacBook.

Q: Is the messenger bag suitable to carry using both shoulder strap and cross strap?

A: Yes, It’s up to you.

Q: Which size fits well my 15.1 X 10 X 1.1 size laptop?

A: Medium size, you can also check the dimension table.

Official Video Review of Timbuk2 D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bag

Here is the Official video review of Timbuk2 D-Lux

Customer Reviews and RatingTimbuk2 D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bag

The Timbuk2 D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bag has a Rating on Amazon, 4.6 out of 5 and 4.5 out of 5 on their official website. Found more than 153 customer reviews on Amazon and more than 203 reviews on timbuk2.com. Almost all reviews are positive and symbol of customers satisfaction. Here are some popular customer reviews from Amazon.

“I am very happy with this bag and highly recommend it.” – S. Whitworth

“Great size, functional for my daily traveling needs; the medium was too large for daily activities but good to use as a carry on flight bag weekend bag; have both!” – Rjpeep

“Timbuk2 is known for making top-of-the-line messenger bags, and the D-Lux Laptop is definitely one of their best.” – D. A. Ross

The Verdict

Overall, the Timbuk2 D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bag is a durable and well made laptop messenger bag. The messenger bag comes with multiple functions and features for professionals. You can use the bag to carry your laptop, tablet, gadgets, files and documents in everyday life.

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