Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack Review

The Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack is one of the top selling laptop backpack on Amazon. The backpack comes with 9 different colors and trendy design. There are lots of functions and features in this backpack. The large main compartment is perfect to carry a lot of documents, files, books and clothing items. The extra padded laptop compartment is perfect to carry up to 17 inch laptop and notebook. The TSA-Friendly features help to pass airport security area easily and quickly. So the Timbuk2 Uptown is perfect for professionals who need to travel randomly.Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA Friendly Backpack Review

TSA-Approved Laptop Backpack

The Timbuk2 Uptown is a TSA Approved laptop backpack that makes your travel life easy and flexible. You can pass the Airport Security are quickly without removing the laptop from laptop compartment. Just open the zipper of the laptop compartment and pass it through the security Scan or X-Ray area.Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA Friendly Backpack

17 inch MacBook Pro Backpack

If you search for a fashionable backpack with multiple features to carry your 17 inch MacBook Pro, then this is the ideal one. The extra padded laptop compartment fits 17 inch MacBook pro perfectly. The protective layout keeps your MacBook safe from any kind hit or damage.

Large Packing Capacity

The main compartment comes with large packing capacity. You can carry lots of books, documents or clothing items during travel time or everyday life. There are also some extra pockets to carry gadgets, tools and accessories. There are also some additional compartments to carry your luggage during travel time.

Separate Pocket for iPad/Tablet

You may need to carry your iPad or Tablet with you and there is a separate pocket for iPad and Tablet. This extra pocket keeps your table or iPad safe from scratch with the help of soft fabric lined. Well-organized compartment also helps to access iPad and laptop compartment quickly and easily.

Perfect Backpack for Professionals & Students

Professionals and students need a backpack with huge internal spaces. They need to carry their laptop, documents, books and other materials. The backpack has a large main compartment with some additional compartments and pockets. So you can carry your essential documents easily. The extra padded back panel and shoulder strap help to carry the backpack for a long time.


  • Backpack dimension: 8.7 x 11.8 x 19.7 inchesTimbuk2 Uptown
  • Weight is only 2.4 pounds
  • Imported from Vietnam
  • Backpack Model number: 347-3-2201

The Pros

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ventilated and padded back panel
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder strap
  • Perfect as 17 inch MacBook Pro Backpack
  • Padded laptop compartment fits up to 17 inch laptop
  • Side pocket for water bottle or u-lock
  • Extra pocket for iPad/Tablet
  • Large main compartment

The Cons

This is a medium to large size backpack with a large packing capacity. The backpack is perfect for random travelers, professionals and students. If you need a backpack to carry only laptop and some documents, then you can choose a small to medium size backpack from here.

Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack Video Review

Customer Reviews & Rating

The Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack has a Rating on Amazon, 4.4 out of 5 and 4.3 out of 5 on the Timbuk2 Official Website. Found more than 33 customer reviews on Amazon and more than 112 customer reviews on the Timbuk2 website when I write this post. Here are some popular and helpful reviews from Amazon.

“A comfortable bad that does everything is says it will.” – John

“The backpack itself looks to be well constructed and made with quality materials.” – Max

“Loaded with well designed pockets that can hold a lot when needed.” – Daniel G. Lewis

The Verdict

Overall, the Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack is a durable and well made laptop backpack. Buy the best backpack for you or your buddy one to make traveling or everyday life easy and comfortable. And this is the best one of its several features and functions.

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