17.3-Inch Alienware Orion Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Bag Review

The 17.3-Inch Alienware Orion Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Bag is one of the top rated and best seller TSA Friendly laptop messenger bags on Amazon. The messenger bag comes with a unique design and trendy color. This is a fashionable and stylish messenger bag that you can use in everyday life or during travel time. The messenger bag comes with a large packing capacity that you can use to carry a lot of essential tools, files, documents when you go for a long trip.

Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Messenger Bag

The Laptop Messenger Bag comes with checkpoint friendly features to make your journey easy and effective. Carry your laptop17.3-inch Alienware Orior Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Bag during travel time and pass the airport security area easily and quickly. The messenger bag manufactured according to the TSA guidelines, so don’t need to remove your laptop from a messenger bag. Just open the messenger bag and pass this through the airport X-ray or scan an area and leave the security area quickly.

17.3-inch Laptop Messenger Bag

The 17.3-Inch Alienware Orion Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Bag is a perfect messenger bag to carry up to a 17.3 inch laptop. There is an extra padded laptop compartment inside this messenger bag that protects your laptop from any kind hit or physical damage. So your laptop will be safe during travel time or everyday life.

Benefits of this Messenger Bag

  • Semi-Rigid front panel that gives extra protection to your laptop
  • Adjustable and ergonomic shoulder strap for maximum comfort
  • Checkpoint Friendly laptop messenger bag
  • Extra padded laptop compartment that fits a widescreen laptop
  • Perfect as 17.3 inch laptop messenger bag
  • Stylish and unique front part design
  • Unique and trendy design
  • Separate compartment for files and documents
  • Extra pouch for small gadgets and accessories


SpecificationsCheckpoint Friendly Laptop Messenger Bag

  • Laptop compartment dimensions: 16.75 x 2 x 11 inches
  • Messenger bag dimension: 20.5 x 7.5 x 13 inches
  • Weight is only 4 pounds that ensure comfortable to carry
  • Alien Head icon on the front side


  • Checkpoint Friendly messenger bag
  • Padded laptop compartment for 17.3 inch laptop
  • Extra padded and ergonomic shoulder strap
  • Luggage strap
  • Separate compartment for essential files and documents
  • Extra pocket for cell phone, power cable, business card, pen loops, key fobs and much more
  • Durable and flexible zipper pullers
  • Lifetime warranty

Disadvantages17.3 inch Laptop Messenger Bag

The 17.3-Inch Alienware Orion Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Bag is a medium to a large size messenger bag with medium weight. The messenger bag is perfect for a random travelers and professionals. So, if you need a small size and lightweight laptop messenger bag, then you can choose a different one from here.


The Verdict

Overall, the 17.3-Inch Alienware Orion Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Bag is a durable and heavy laptop messenger bag made of quality materials. The messenger bag comes with multiple functions for random travelers and professionals.

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