Belkin Slim 15.4″ Notebook Polyester Backpack Review

The Belkin Slim 15.4″ Notebook Polyester Backpack is one of the top rated and number 1 best seller laptop backpack on Amazon. This is a versatile and lightweight laptop backpack that comes with 5 different colors and stylish slim design. You can carry your everyday essentials and up to 15.4 inch display laptop through the backpack. There is an extra padded laptop compartment that will keep your laptop safe and secure from any kind physical damage or hit. The main compartment comes with different rooms to organize your tools and documents easily and quickly. The padded shoulder strap and back panel of this backpack helps to carry for a long time with huge contents.


  • Perfect as 15.4 inch laptop backpackBelkin Slim 15.4" Notebook Polyester Backpack
  • Lightweight laptop backpack for everyday use
  • Soft-touch lining laptop compartment
  • Removable sleeve for power supply
  • Well organized compartment with pen loops, key fobs, business card holder etc.
  • Media player pocket
  • Headphone outlet to access your media player easily and quickly


  • Made of 100% polyester materials
  • Laptop compartment dimensions: 17 x 11.5 x 2″
  • Backpack dimension: 5 x 12.5 x 18 inches
  • Weight is only 2 pounds
  • Backpack Model Number: F8N057-KLG


The Pros

  • Stylish slim designBelkin Slim Laptop Backpack
  • Convenient headphone eyelet
  • Extra pocket for tools and accessories
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Extra padded back panel for better comfort
  • Made of durable polyester exterior materials
  • Water-resistant

The Cons

This is a small to medium size laptop backpack that comes with a slim design. This is a perfect laptop backpack for everyday use and carries essential documents. The laptop compartment may be more padded and spacious. If you need a large size laptop backpack, then you can choose a different one from here.

Belkin Slim 15.4″ Notebook Polyester Backpack Video Review

Questions & Answers

Q: Is the Backpack Waterproof?

A: No, It’s Water Resistant.

Q: Is the laptop compartment fit my 15.6 inch screen laptop?

A: It depends on different facts. Please see details here

Q: The backpack has two or single straps?

A: It comes with two straps?


The Verdict

Overall, the Belkin Slim 15.4″ Notebook Polyester Backpack is a durable and well-made laptop backpack. You can use the backpack in everyday life to carry your laptop and essentials documents.

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