Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly 16″ Laptop Backpack Review

Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly 16″ Laptop Backpack comes with a lot of features for the people who love or need to travel randomly. The TSA Friendly feature helps to pass the airport checkpoint area quickly and easily without removing your laptop or notebook. The backpack is perfect to carry a 16 inch laptop and a huge amount of files, documents, tools, and accessories. The dedicated padded laptop compartment keeps secure your laptop from any kind physical or other damage. The Everki Flight comes with 5 point balance strap technology and ergonomic (Designed to provide comfort and to avoid stress or injury during travel time) back panel feature which ensures flexibility to carry with huge goods.

Devoted and Separate Compartment for 16 inch Laptop

The Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly 16″ Laptop Backpack is a great and stylish laptop backpack to carry your 16 screen laptop orEverki Fligh Checkpoint Friendly Laptop backpack notebook. If you need to travel gradually, then you need a medium to large size backpack to carry your laptop and essential files, documents, tools, and accessories. The adjustable and padded compartment also helps to protect your investment from any type damage or scratch.

Checkpoint Friendly Everki Laptop Backpack

The Checkpoint Friendly Backpack allows you to pass the airport security area quickly and easily without removing the laptop from the backpack. The Everki Flight has been manufactured according to TSA Friendly guidelines to make your travel life easy and simple. Just open the backpack compartment at 180 degrees and pass it through the x-ray machine or scanner of the security area.


Why you should buy this Backpack?

  • Top stowaway pocket to keep your cell phone or music player
  • Headphone or audio cable outlet in stowaway pocket to use headphones with mobile or music player
  • An extra slot with a felt-lined feature to keep your iPad, Kindle, Tablet or Tablet like devices
  • TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack with easy and quick accessEverki Laptop backpack for Men
  • Flexible to carry for 5 point balance strap system
  • Side pocket with multiple functions
  • Internal pockets for small gadgets and accessories
  • Perfect backpack for 16 inch display laptop
  • Well organized with a lot of pockets
  • Mini straps in shoulder straps to keep your sun-glasses, headphone etc.
  • Water bottle loops inside pockets to hold a water bottle
  • Extra pockets for small tools, business cards, power cable, charger etc.
  • Pen loops



  • Made of polyester fabric
  • Backpack dimension is 33 x 24 x 45 cm
  • The Laptop compartment dimension is 27.5 x 4 x 39 cm
  • Weight is only 3.2 lbs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The Model number is EKP119
  • Made in China

The Pros and Cons of this Everki Laptop Backpack


  • Suitable backpack for 16 inch screen laptopEverki Flight TSA Friendly Laptop backpack
  • Comfortable with 15 inch MacBook Pro
  • Separate slots for iPad, Kindle, and Tablet
  • Water Resistant Backpack
  • Checkpoint friendly laptop backpack
  • Side pockets for small gadgets and water bottle with loop
  • Top stowaway pocket for music player
  • Flexible to carry for the ergonomic back panel, and comfortable shoulder strap
  • Durable metal zipper pulls


This is not a perfect backpack for women, especially for those who need a simple backpack to carry only her laptop. You can see Best Laptop Backpacks here.


Buy the Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly 16″ Laptop Backpack to carry your 16 inch laptop as well as essential documents during travel time or daily use. Buy from Amazon.com and Get a Big Discount.

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