Everki Lunar Laptop Bag – Briefcase Review

The Everki Lunar Laptop Bag – Briefcase, Fits up to 15.6-Inch (EKB417) is one of the top Rated Everki Laptop Bag comes with multiple functions and features. This is an ideal laptop bag as well as a laptop briefcase for professionals and regular travelers. The separate laptop compartment with extra padded features of this bag helps to carry up to 15.6 inch screen laptop or notebook. There is also a separate and well-organized compartment to carry your essential tools and documents. So, the Everki Lunar Laptop Bag is perfect for professionals for everyday use.

Benefits of Everki Lunar Laptop Bag

  • Perfect as 15.6 inch laptop caseEverki Lunar Laptop Bag-Briefcase EKB517
  • Well organized compartment to carry gadgets and soft electronics
  • Magnetic and quick access pocket for small tools and accessories
  • Back stash compartment for files and documents
  • Two-way adjustable and anti-slip shoulder strap
  • Extra padded laptop compartment with anti-shock features
  • Trolley handle pass features



  • Made of durable nylon materials
  • Laptop compartment dimensions: 38 x 5 x 29 cm
  • Laptop briefcase dimension: 0.5 x 6 x 30 cm
  • Weight is only 2.09 lbs that is comfortable to carry


The Pros and Cons of Everki EKB417

The Pros

  • Water-repellant laptop briefcaseEverki Lunar Laptop Bag
  • Ultra-soft, dedicated and padded laptop compartment for 15.6 inch laptop
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Large and durable metal zipper pulls
  • Well organized compartment with quick access features
  • Extra pocket for small gadgets and accessories
  • Business card holder, key fobs, pen loops, cell phone pocket and much more

The Cons

The Everki Lunar Laptop Briefcase is a small size laptop briefcase for everyday use and perfect for professionals. If you need a medium to large size briefcase or laptop bag to carry your laptop and a lot of documents, then you can choose a different one from here.


The Verdict

Overall, the Everki Lunar Laptop Bag – Briefcase, Fits up to 15.6-Inch (EKB417) is a durable and well-made laptop bag that you can also use as a laptop briefcase. The Everki Lunar Laptop Bag comes with a stylish and trendy design for smart persons to carry their laptops and essential documents in everyday life. This is also a perfect laptop bag for travelers.

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