High Sierra Tactic Backpack Review 2020

The High Sierra Tactic Backpack comes with 10 different colors and trendy designs. This is one of the most popular and top rated backpacks which you can use as a laptop backpack or traveling backpack. The backpack comes with multiple functions to carry your laptop, tools, accessories, files, and essential documents during travel time or everyday life. The durable and affordable small travel backpack helps to carry lots of essential goods when you go for a long journey.

Why You Should Buy High Sierra Tactic Backpack?

17-inch Laptop Backpack

The High Sierra Tactic Backpack is one of the top rated 17 inch laptop backpack in the Amazon. The extra padded laptopHigh Sierra Tactic Backpack for Traveller compartment holds up to a 17-inch screen laptop and keeps safe from any kind hit or physical damage. The CUSHION ZONE is the advanced features to keep secure your laptop from any kind hit which may occur during travel time.

Small Travel Backpack

The High Sierra Tactic Backpack is the most popular Small Travel Backpack to carry your essential goods during a travel backpack. There is a several compartment inside the backpack to carry your clothing items, documents, or files. There is also some extra zippered pocket inside the backpack to keep small gadgets and accessories. The quick and well organization feature helps to keep a lot of documents and ensure quick access ability.


Benefits of the Travel Backpack

  • A Perfect backpack to carry up to 17-inch screen laptop or notebook
  • Small travel backpack for random travelers
  • Ideal backpack for college students
  • Large compartments with multiple functions
  • Separate tablet or iPad sleeve with integrated TECH SPOT features
  • Extra pocket for business card, power cable, charger, cell phone, key fobs, pen loops and much more
  • Extra padded and advanced back panel



  • Laptop compartment dimensions: 16 x 11 x 1.75 in
  • Tablet sleeve dimension: 12.5 x 11 x 0.75 in
  • Backpack dimension: 10.5 x 19 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight is only 2.2 pounds that ensure comfortable to carry
  • Backpack model number: 55013-0827

The Pros

  • Adjustable, S-shaped and Vapel mesh shoulder strapHigh Sierra Tactic Laptop Backpack
  • Backpack capacity: 2380 cubic inches
  • Backpack for 17 inch display laptop
  • Best traveling backpack
  • Extra sleeve for iPad or Tablet
  • Pouch for small gadgets and accessories
  • Comfortable to carry for a long time

The Cons

This is a small to medium size backpack with multiple compartments and functions. You can use this backpack during travel time to carry your laptop and documents. If you need a simple backpack to carry only a laptop, then you can choose a different one from here.


Over to You

The High Sierra Tactic Backpack is the top rated small travel backpack as well as 17 inch laptop backpack. You can use this backpack to carry your essential tools and documents during travel time or everyday life.

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